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Hello everyone !

My name is Leo and I am a musician from Argentina.   I was born with music in my blood as both my parents are musicians and from a very young age I would play the drums using my mothers pots and pans laughing

In my teens I studied music for four years, at which time I made a career for myself being a member of the Marching Band of the Armed Forces of Argentina.    Over the course of the 22 years that I was with them, I gained experience, knowledge and discipline.  However, like all things, things changed.

I met my wife, left the band and moved to beautiful Cyprus to start a new life.

Here I found my inspiration and started to write and compose my own music.    With the help and support of my wife we created a small humble studio where my music is created.    Through my links provided hereto, you may see all the music I have created, and also stay in touch with what is to come.

Since I have come to Cyprus and started to dedicate my life to making my dream a reality, I have been a member of 3 groups, and later ventured out as a solo artist.   There is nothing original about preparing and singing covers.   Making your own songs though.   There lies the magic wink

I hope you give me the chance and listen to my sounds.   Just remember, I am 100% authentic and all my songs are originals.

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