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Lagria Wellness Holidays

Indulge yourself ...

Experience the pleasure of hydrotherapy in the hot tub and massage.

A perfectly balanced holiday of yoga, Pilates, fitness training, cleansing diets, lifestyle advice, outdoor activities and cultural excursions to help create a renewed and healthier you. 

Experience a luxurious holistic wellness experience in the comforts of heritage accommodations lovingly restored, with spectacular natural surroundings and expert guidance regarding nutrition and fitness.

Learn how to balance all the body's functions through lifestyle changes specifically focusing on diet and exercise.​The cuisine will be local dishes, beautifully presented.

​In the Lagria R&B Welcoming bag, detox tea and supplements will be offered, as well as a cap, water bottle and a Healthy Lifestyle Guide.​

Encouraging a holistic approach, your daily fitness activities will aim to increase muscle strength, boost cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscles, increase metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. The fitness modalities will be long walks and hikes at high altitude in powerful natural surroundings, providing grounding meditation and all the benefits of forest bathing. Connect with nature and yourself. Yoga, Pilates, Tae Chi, calming meditation, the outdoor hot tub, massage, sunlight exposure and restful sleep will help restore and repair and leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised.  ​​​​​

The Lagria R&B Wellness Holiday is a week long well being experience in Salamiou village, Cyprus.​ Our strength is our unique approach to wellness in natural surroundings and graded hiking program; our use of a professional multidisciplinary team, a dietician sensitive to the various body types and metabolism and focused on tantalising your taste buds; as well as our way of incorporating the rich culture of Cyprus. ​

Our goal is for a holistic and sustainable improvement in key areas of life leaving you rejuvenated. With the time for cultural excursions and rest to also offer you a memorable holiday ​

Contact us for more details with a Sample Day at Lagria, the dates available and the package prices.


Lagria Holiday Homes


Holiday homes in restored listed  buildings with unique charm and character.

Add a luxurious treat to your holiday and relax in a bubbling Jacuzzi under the stars and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. 

The cottages are situated in beautiful countryside with spectacular mountain views.


Lagria Events, Tours & TERRACT

Heritage Argo-Taste

Experience a taste of heritage.

Enjoy a Traditional Village Safari.

Half day

Full Day

Two day with an overnight stay

Lagria Events

We cater for all family, social and corporate events....

Hen's parties

Weddings -  Let us be part of your truly unique and rustic wedding.   

Christenings - Unique ideas to help celebrate the introduction of a little boy or girl to the family faith. 

Conferences & product launches

Farewell & Christmas parties

Bridging Cultures by creating a map of flavours, through food, drink, music, dance and exhibits.

Contact us by email  to create the package that best suites the best for you.



Get involved in village life in any or all of the possible pedestals.

  • Agriculture and food production
  • Living with the locals
  • Step into yesterday
  • Enjoy traditional Cypriot dishes and drinks as well as innovative cuisine
  • Benefit from the development of life skills
  • Sports and health

Active participation encouraging  interaction with terraced landscapes and dry stone walls.  


Quest Games

Life skills training using Quest games 

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Decision making Skills
  • Team building Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation Techniques

Stage 1 involves fitness.

Stage 2 inolves a cultural activity.

Stage 3 involves an ecological activity.

Do you want to enrich your holiday, have a unique birthday or hen's and bachelor party or a corporate function?

We will create a quest to fit your needs. 


We also offer walking and cycling tours.



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