Why The Little Black Book?

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Why the Little Black Book?

Well, let me tell you why Cyprus needs its own “Little Black Book.....

Recently, I organised a special event for a dear relative. I soon realised that it was frustrating to gain easy access to all the organisers and the services I needed. Why wasn’t there a central point where all the information was stored?

I soon realised there was a need for something like “Little Black Book”.

This would be a website where event planners could access vendors and service providers could be quickly and easily located. A place where the search for contacts could be simplified and a definitive directory of those organisations wishing to promote their services would be found easily.

As a former events planner I knew this was what was needed. Cyprus is obviously full of potential, as this island’s event industry is growing at a phenomenal rate – attracting both local and overseas visitors and businesses.

Voila! The Little Black Book Cyprus was “ born”.

Why sign up to Little Black Book Cyprus?

So, you may ask – “What are the advantages of signing up with Little Black Book Cyprus?” Let me tell you....

• Firstly, it’s absolutely free to register your services!

• You will join over 100 already registered companies and will be viewed by potential clients

• Registered services are invited to exclusive LBBC events only for LBBC listed companies

• Your services will be used by LBBC when we organise any events

• Blasts of your social media posts and promotion of your services will be shared on LBBC social media

And the future?

Little Black Book Cyprus is now firmly established and widely recognised as a thriving enterprise. We are still growing...and the future is exciting! And best of all, Little Black Book is for everyone..........

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