Ah! The magic of Christmas.....

Like no other season, there is a certain magic about Christmas! The cosy welcoming atmosphere, even when it is cold outside, makes everyone want to spend time together and enjoy the festive season... So, even if you are not used to planning a party for other times of the year – then certainly at Christmastime, it’s an excellent idea. But – as with other occasions – planning is key. The Little Black Book Cyprus has spoken to some industry professionals and has come up with a few tips and ideas to help you on your way....


Why the Little Black Book?

Well, let me tell you why Cyprus needs its own “Little Black Book.....

Recently, I organised a special event for a dear relative. I soon realised that it was frustrating to gain easy access to all the organisers and the services I needed. Why wasn’t there a central point where all the information was stored?

I soon realised there was a need for something like “Little Black Book”.

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